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Pic2TileConvert images into Hama Beads or Lego blocks style using 16×16 tiles. More tiles and sizes in coming updates. If you are a Pixatool user this interface will be very familiar. In case you not follow me on twitter i developed a new UI from scratch to be used in future tools, and Pic2Tile is the first one.For more info about next updates or if you want to request possible features give me a touch on twitter via @DavitMasia This tool was done for PixelArt conversions into hama. Small images with low numbers of colors. The image loaded will be scaled to 16, so if you load a HD image like 1080p the result will be a 30k image, so keep that in mind.You can adjust brightness, constrast and all you want to get the final result. By default the preset is for the lego blocks.Press F = Fullscreen | Press 1 for Hama tiles | Press 2 for Lego tilesmobile

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