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  • Baldy”s adventuresGo on an adventure with the our friend baldy! You need to defend off the aliens that have invaded your planet and you need to crawl through some dangerous places hot and cold to beat them and […]

  • Pizza Slice MatchThis is my first Match 3-type of game. Use your mouse to “Click” to remove pizzas and try to match 3 or more pizzas together. When you remove pizzas, more pizzas will come. By removing some […]

  • admin wrote a new post, Mano A Mano 20 minutes ago

    Mano A ManoFind a friend and slap each other with this PvP turn based duel! [Space] – Load hit during your turn[Q] – Green Block[P] – Orange Blockmobile

  • Princess Peach – Mushroom Heights (Demo)Here we go; the first real “game” (“level”) of our Princess Peach franchise! This time, we take a stroll through Mushroom Heights. As usual:Right Arrow: Move rightLeft […]

  • Santa Claus Adventurethis game was saving here to release on the net in the Christmas season and as it is already time so let's go,Well this is an adventure game, platform tells the story of a Santa Claus who […]

  • Archery Tower DefenseAn Arcade Game of Archery & Reflex An Arcade Game of Archery & Reflexmobile

  • admin wrote a new post, Flappy Pootis Bird 2 days ago

    Flappy Pootis BirdTook me like an hour to make. I promise i'll release an actual game soon guys, i'm just thinking of ideas. Oh and this works on mobile so thats a plus i guess. tap, just tap. All you […]

  • Thwoomp”s revengeHelp the Thwoomp get his revenge on Morio the Mexican electrician. Crush him to death unless he's in invincible, otherwise you could get hurt. One button game, just click or touch the screen […]

  • Game – Nivelamento de TurmaJogo criado para nivelamento lógico de alunos do ensino fundamental. Esse jogo faz parte de uma atividade da disciplina “Metodologia do ensino de informática” do curso de Licenciatura e […]

  • wordsearch generatorQuickly and easily generate a word search. The letters can be changed allowing you or a friend to look for whatever specific words you want to search for. [spacebar/backspace] – generate new […]

  • admin wrote a new post, CuBE SToRy 3 days ago

    CuBE SToRydhertherhvygfuthbuhgitfuiniguytdfytfc jhdftycikhvuygcuygf etyjetghjfhyjhhvhvyvyviuhviuyvuhvukfvyitcf viugviygcvivyitvdfmobile

  • admin wrote a new post, Slider Bunny 3 days ago

    Slider BunnyLittle rabbit got lost in the forest.Help him find the way to the exit.Beware of predatory animals. Avoid lasers and spikes.The rabbit loves carrots and will be grateful if you help him collect them […]

  • admin wrote a new post, Crossscape 3 days ago

    CrossscapeBasic Game get to the next level by finding your way through Remember Timing is Everything (Up)(down)(left)(right) Arrow keys to control the playermobile

  • admin wrote a new post, Arcade Wars 3 days ago

    Arcade Warsshort arcade space shooter is my first game in my life! hope you'll, enjoy it! Hope there will be more opportunities to make more games and also i will improve my skills of game making/developing! […]

  • The Adventure of SuseggSusegg, a great magical egg, has been broken by the evil creepypasta monkey men and now has to destroy them before the world falls into despair. You are Susegg, and must now save the world! […]

  • admin wrote a new post, Dave the Robot 4 days ago

    Dave the RobotDave the Robot needs help saving his friend Fred from the evil George Roberto and his army of robots that look like Pacman for some reason! Use Up arrow to jumpUse left/right arrows to movePress […]

  • admin wrote a new post, Mystical Eye 4 days ago

    Mystical EyeYou're a magic eye who was trapped. Your job to escape. Move around shooting the enemies to

  • admin wrote a new post, MyGame 4 days ago

    MyGameDefeat the Evil Avoacodo…………………………………….. ………..dont die……………………………mobile

  • admin wrote a new post, The Child Sipote 5 days ago

    The Child SipoteEverything has a beginning and an end. With your help you can guide the sipote between the dark torture jails to free our brothers who are captives for the dictatorship. Nicaragua needs you!, help […]

  • admin wrote a new post, SUPER START 5 days ago

    SUPER STARTThe world is being threatened by bugs and you have the mission to lead Super Start in this task, in a game that honors the classics of the 80s / 90s. Super Start is a frenetic arcade that resembles the […]

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