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  • Pasha – food hanterNt,t ye;yj ghsufnm gj gkfnajhvfvб ghj[jlbnm xthtp ehjdyb xnj,s cnfnm dtkbrbv j[jnybrjv pf tljqNt,t ye;yj ghsufnm gj gkfnajhvfvб ghj[jlbnm xthtp ehjdyb xnj,s cnfnm dtkbrbv j[jnybrjv pf tljq N […]

  • Space Ship Infinite Runner Game TemplateThis is not a complete game but just a demo of a game template being sold in the Scirra store. An infinite runner game in a space ship with platforms. Alien enemies attack […]

  • Mario TouchFangame de Mario sencillo por medio de récords,el juego funciona con PC y celulares,consiste en tirar un Koopa Troopa por el escenario,pero cuidado,ya que tendrás que esquivarlo,cada cierto tiempo la d […]

  • AutorunnerPlease have fun! And please rate! Space to jump. Get a high score!mobile

  • The Fool Sorcerer – Episode 1created by Thiago Yasue all rights reserved A Change SpellZ Summon Spellmobile

  • The Fool Sorcerercreated by Thiago Yasue all rights reserved ZSummon SpellAChange Spell on sorcerer's wandmobile


  • admin wrote a new post, Gravity 6 days, 18 hours ago

    GravityWow! The new physics game: Gravity! Play with balls, buttons and your mouse. Your mouse is an object in the game!! R Restart levelI Skip levelYou can push balls with your mouse in this game. One of the […]

  • Dance! mini versionThis is a mini version. Normal and premium version comming soon with music, more dance moves light and more! Double tap a stickman to switch dance.Drag and drop from the black square to get a […]

  • Ludwikland AdventureAfter graduating from Jeremy Alexander course this is my game. Game control is self-explanatory, as you can see.A snake gets 3 hits and it is gone.W jumpA leftD rightL punchmobile

  • Pixel Art Maker AdvancedPixel Art Maker Advanced lets you create a variety of coloured pixels. [up arrow] – zoom 5%[escape] – zoom to 100%[down arrow] – tile opacity[left arrow] – bold/normal [right arrow] – […]

  • Re-Gruntle!Based on the animated web series, “22 Bones”; the player uses a Re-gruntler to pacify disgruntled beings while avoiding the Vortex! Incredibly simple timed game (60 seconds); play against yourself for a […]

  • Super-Cool PlatformerUse the arrow keys to move. Hope you have fun. Beat the spider at the end of the level. There is audio. Appreciate any feedback. I did not put in any cheats. If you find a glitch, […]

  • KnightengaleA heart felt quest which you mast travel far and wide across the land and discover the true secrets behind the knightengale w Jumpa Lefts Crouchd Rightmobile

  • Slide Block DropSlide Block Drop Game for fun 🙂 Moves the block horizontally, filling the block with one line, and eliminating for score.Controls with Mouse and Touchmobile

  • admin wrote a new post, LightSource 2 weeks ago

    LightSourceA girl is lost in a forest full of darkness. Help her to find a way out by using the LightSource.Thank you so much for playing my little game! Feedback is much appreciated 🙂 D Right A Left W Jump […]

  • Blockles GameNo Tetris, No Match 3 only 4 color or more Game for Fun 🙂 No Tetris, No Match 3 only 4 color or more Game for Fun :)arrow keys for controlmobile

  • Garte JumperGarte Jumper est un jeu ou le but est d'avoir le meilleur score possible en restant en vie un maximum de temps, Essaye de battre le score de tes amis tout en amusant. Flèche gauche : Aller à g […]

  • Wall, or FloorThis game is a mix of a 2D platformer and a top down shooter. You can change gravity from going down, to pushing back away from the screen! I made it in under one week. Hope you enjoy! YouTube: […]

  • SyamsulMaarif_ninjagame sederhana dan permula masih dalam latihan bertahap – tahap akan menjadi paham dan dimengerti paada game sederhana ini game ini digunakan pada keyboard arah panah atau segitiga yaitu kiri, […]

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