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  • Hanoi TowerMueve los discos desde la primera torre, hacia la torre 3. Un disco a la vez y sin colocar un disco grande sobre uno mas pequeño. Para arrastrar un disco, utiliza el

  • Battle of the tanksDrag and drop to move tanks. Gather powerups for special abilities. Press 1,2 and 3 keys to toggle levels. Level 3 is onslaught mode. Drag and drop to move tanks. Gather powerups for special […]

  • Invasion of DarknessEarth is overun with darkness! You must kill all the monsters, and try to reach 1000 points! Credit to DM Dokuro for the music, and Terraria for the sounds. WASD: MoveLeft click: Shootmobile

  • SPACE ARTIFACTEin 2D Mini-Adventure GameDu bist ein Schattenläufer, der ein wichtiges Artefakt vom Planeten Eron zurückbeschaffen soll. Benutze die Pfeil-Tasten zum laufen und

  • Little Cubes Pick one!Choose one from the cubes and make the best score you can ! be the best! if you lake the game share it with your friends! arrow up down left right mouse left click attack space restartmobile

  • carr gamee consoleyou are a car and you go around a track quicker and quicker until you crash jkfjjkhfjkhkjhfkfhsdlkjhfkljahflkjfhalskjhmobile

  • Plat form er GO! (DUTCH)[ Deze game is Nederlands.Deze game is ongeveer een platformer. Maar je kunt ook een geest worden, waardoor je veel meer kan!!! Speel deze game! ]Please give feedback, thanks. All […]

  • admin wrote a new post, WhiskedAway 2 weeks ago

    WhiskedAwayFinal Game, make your way across the cities collecting your lost items! Use the arrow keys to move around the levelsmobile

  • Survival DesertKill the enemies and survive as long as you can Use WASD to move and mouse to shootmobile

  • INDIE GAME the gameum jogo indie divertido com 3 fases uma mais dificil que a outra use as setas para andar e pular, espaco para correr e z para atirarmobile

  • admin wrote a new post, PHASE 2 weeks, 5 days ago

    PHASEA short game I made about stabbing enemies in space. You don't have a gun. Instead, you ram into enemies with the sharp part of your ship. It can be a little buggy tho. Sometimes the enemies don't […]


  • admin wrote a new post, Rainbow River 3 weeks ago

    Rainbow RiverDodge the pollutants that are dripping into the river by moving your fish out of the way. The fish needs time to adjust to the right angle, think quickly to survive. This was originally made as a […]

  • admin wrote a new post, School Project 2 3 weeks ago

    School Project 2Just an assignment that taught us pixel art and construct 2. Nothing seriousYou play as an eyeless monster girl WASD to moveL to attackK to lootmobile

  • admin wrote a new post, Uma Project 3 weeks ago

    Uma ProjectA hyper paced action platformer! Get the highest score to become a Space Ninja Champion. (keyboard only… for now)- arrow keys = MOVE- Z key = THROW- X key = MELEE- C key while running = ROLLmobile

  • admin wrote a new post, Doop World 3 weeks, 1 day ago

    Doop WorldA person went rouge and took the magic Wizard Hat and Wand and enslaved everyone in your city. You have to save them. Arrows or wad to move. Space to run.Get to the end.Adding this to get it to actually […]

  • Teste Androidsó um teste para androidjust a test for android […]

  • Samurai RunSamurai Run – it’s amazing and cool game in which you play as a samurai who has set a goal to be the very steep and collect as many coins, gold and jewels as possible. How much you will be able to run […]

  • Quest Gamethis has to be at least 30 characters long for some reason and this too has to be at least 30 characters long for some reasonmobile

  • Monster MazeDodge the monster as you move through the (rapidly side-scrolling) maze! Arrows to move. The camera keeps moving, though, so you'd better keep moving too…mobile

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