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  • ImpossibleGame Level 2ImpossibleGame: Level 2Survive! RIGHT ARROW – walk rightLEFTARROW – walk leftUP ARROW – jumpmobile

  • Food CourtThe year is 500,000 BC and you're a primitive Neanderthal kidnapped by advanced food aliens, as another unwilling gladiator in their game of Food Court. Survive as long as possible by floating […]

  • ItsuwariThat's just a test game nothing cool in it forget about itlike, reallythat's nothingu r wasting ur time her there's nothin'reallyjust the arrows keys buuuut that's kin of useless […]

  • Kieran”s platformera platformer game. platform your way to victory arrow keys to movedouble jump enabledmobile

  • Touch (22 in 1)#Touch mechanics:#- Scrolling along X-axis- Scrolling along Y-axis- Scrolling along both axes- Inertial scrolling along X-axis- Inertial scrolling along Y-axis- Inertial scrolling along both axes- […]

  • Per Pixel DestructionBenefits of my way of per pixel destruction:1. Perfect performance60 fps, 0% cpu after 450 explosions on my old PC.60 fps, 1% cpu after 550 explosions.In real game, I bet, 50-100 explosions […]

  • admin wrote a new post, Scrolling 1 day, 17 hours ago

    ScrollingThere are 3 ways of scrolling:1. Dragging scroller2. Pushing arrows3. Sliding menu elementsYou can easily change the size and position of everything without calculating anything.You can purchase this […]

  • Selection Frame#Features:#- Selection frame like in RTS games- Works both on mobile and desktop devices- Supports both touch and mouse- Can be used for games of any genres- No third-party plugins or behaviors are […]

  • Self Typing Text#Features:#- Change minimum delay and delay randomiser- You can create new lines in a single SpriteFont- Realistic sounds- You can “backspace”the text to create the effect of writer's errorYou […]

  • Textbox Via Spritefont#Features:#- Forget about default textbox restrictions- No more DOM, only Canvas!- You can create sprites atop of the textbox- No third party plugins or behaviors are used- You can get the […]

  • Array Editor#Features:#- Supports 1D, 2D, 3D arrays.- Import and export arrays in JSON format- Very simple and useful interfaceYou can purchase this template […]

  • admin wrote a new post, Combo 2 days, 17 hours ago

    Combo#Features:#- Button Combinations like in fightings- Supports both keyboard and gamepads- No third party plugins or behaviors are used- Very clear and well commented codeYou can purchase this template here […]

  • survival zombievoce tem que sobreviver o maximo de tempo dos zumbis as instrucoes estao na tela de menu do jogomobile

  • JAMB UTME English GameJAMB Exam English Game. Practice real JAMB use of English past questions. the more you play, the more you learn, Shoot the correct answer to earn a point. there are 100 questions and 2400 […]

  • DINO ADDITION GAMEAddition game for kids. Shoot the monsters to proceed to the next level 1. Shoot the monsters to proceed to the next level2. Answer correctly the questions to help Dino find the little fishesmobile

  • Paintball GameBattle another person in the epic two-player paintball match of the century. WASD or Arrows to move. Question mark or Q to shoot.Down to pick up health or ammo.Shoot the enemy shield to get to the

  • Paintballxdfhgxcfgxdfmlj jjlsfid jlksdfj lkjsfd lksdjf lkjs aszdf kuhszdfiy iusodf hiuxdfh ius sdfhimobile

  • (Warriors: Power of Three) Endless Runner!Play as Lionblaze, Jayfeather, or Hollyleaf to jump across ledges and survive as long as possible!Sprite base art by TigerMoonCat on DeviantArtEnd screen and cover picture […]

  • Invaders InvasionDestroy or avoid the coming invaders, collect boost boxes and go for the highest score while trying to save the dying planet. [space] or [S] to shoot [Arrow Keys] or clicking and moving the mouse […]

  • Adventure fighter! (Demo)This is a 2D side scrolling game where you travel to different worlds (not in the demo) and rescue the crowns powers from the evil DR. Hell! Use the arrow keys to move. press the up key to […]

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