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  • Enigma VermelhoUm jogo brasileiro de resolver enigmas, teste sua inteligência e complete todos os níveis.Como Jogar:Utilize seu mouse e teclado.A Brazilian game of solving puzzles, test your intelligence and c […]

  • Science Scramjet BlasterThis game was made to demonstrate the science of sound.Feel free to give feedback and requests! how to use the mouse:*move mouse to control trajectory of scramjet *Left click on mouse to […]

  • Sketch – DemoTo find out what the game is about. PLAY IT! It is the only wae Move using arrow keysAvoid spikesCollect coins and keysmobile

  • luigisame as mario games i make only this time you are luigi arrow keasw jump upa left leftd right rightmobile

  • BUILD YOUR SUCCESSteste do jogo BUILD YOUR SUCCESS utilize o touch para controlar o jogomobile

  • admin wrote a new post, Afterlife 1 day, 20 hours ago

    AfterlifeArrow Keys / AWSD: Move and jumpWhen hit by an enemy, your controls are inverted.Made in about 2 hours as a practice project. “Afterlife” was selected from three randomly generated themes. Arrow Keys / […]

  • The Chef gamecollect the real foods and don't collect the bricks. keypad to control movement of the charactersmobile

  • tree chopper 3000you need to chop down the trees, get 10 coins per tree and you need to keep your oxygen up or you die.You can get power ups to help you in game.Without the power up, trees take thirty seconds to […]

  • DIMENSION STORYMy game is not much but its great!!! its all about the character and how he saves his friendsalso DONT USE THIS AS CLICKBAIT top arrow is jump right arrow is straightleft arrow is backspace is jumpmobile

  • Mario upgrade from 2hi this is my 3rd mario game w a s d to move or up down left right ot move r restarts the game if you fall have fun and be mario. w forwards (up)a move left (left)d move right (rights nothing […]

  • My Tall TowerUsing the blocks from the side bank, make the tallest tower you can. To mix it up, follow a challenge, play for fun, or make the prettiest tower. Try to meet ultimate winner height! Please comment […]

  • admin wrote a new post, Wake Up! 2 days, 20 hours ago

    Wake Up!Rapidly press the keys that appear on screen to wake up.Wake up before 9:00! Your boss is sick of you coming in late to work.Made in about 2 hours as a practice project. “Wake up!” was selected from […]

  • da slim adveenturtim de slim wants 2 go on da adveentur. he neds ur help. Use the arrow keys to move Tim through the various levels!mobile

  • ImmolationARROW KEYS — move and jumpSPACEBAR — explode yourself when green energy bar is fullDestroy enemies by exploding them in chain reactions. See how long you can survive. CAN YOU SURVIVE FOR 1 MIN […]

  • Raiders of CydoniaSurvive while destroying the enemy aircrafts and collecting their tech to bring the fight back to the Mothership.Music: Up/Down Arrow flies the ship […]

  • Kaizo Pai TrollJogo feito em homenagem youtuber ao Pai TrollSigam no Instagram @leandro_bramos, quando atingir a marca de 1000 seguidores eu faço outro jogo de outro YouTuber Personagem se move pelas setas do […]

  • GeometrioGeometrio is a game that completely absorbs you with its relaxing atmosphere. Let yourself relax and fell into the geometric space.Google Play: […]

  • almost Imposibleboing from cake to cake killing the bees as you go. make sure you don't touch the spikes and have fun! apriceate a like or two left arrow is to go leftright arrow is to go rightup arrow is to […]

  • Flying Po Potouch dimana saja dan lewai rintangan berupa pipa di suasana malam dan dengan karakter unik Space bar Jump!Space bar Jump!Space bar Jump!mobile

  • Dungeon DangerYou were blamed for a crime you didn't commit. You are locked in a dungeon and must escape before you are killed. But, it isn't so simple… There are 2 secrets hidden deep within the […]

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