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  • Homem machadoTens de matar todos os zombis e porcos. setas – movimentorato – atacarmobile

  • RadmanPlatform Game – Collect coins, find keys to unlock the Cages, and collect all the fruit to make it through to the next level. Jump, Punch, and Shoot (only when Cocoon Gun equipped)mobile

  • Monster DestructionDestroy as many monsters as you can before they destroy you! Use the arrow keys to move the Player. To destroy approaching monsters, aim and click the mouse at the monster. You will gain one […]

  • Single BlocksReach the blue bar without building on the same colour [left/right arrow keys] – movement[R] – Restart Level[Q] – Quitmobile

  • Speedy Balls 2018Catch the white balls and avoid the red or else the time will run out! Purple balls will help too. Please give advice on this game! I think you'll like it 🙂 Use touch screen controls to […]

  • Guns and AmmoShoot the bombs, but don't get hit! If you get hit 3 times, YOU LOSE!This was my first “real game” (as in a game that doesn't completely suck), so I would greatly appreciate any feedback. […]

  • Friends on The LooseNecesito ayuda, estoy usando la version gratuita de Construct 3! Me ayudan? Lo de la seleccion de lenguaje no funcionó. Para

  • LoveSpreadMake the world a happier place…Drop positive energy on the sad people. drag the energy ball onto the sad peoplemobile

  • admin wrote a new post, Win Quiz 2 days, 13 hours ago

    Win QuizUm jogo de quiz, onde terá perguntas para testar um pouco do seu conhecimento sobre o mundo! Para jogar basta somente você clicar na opção que achar a mais correta, se estiver certo você irá para outra […]

  • Alien Shooter (Demo) made by Matthew GillenTHIS IS A DEMO Survive endless hordes of aliens and try to get a high score Any and all feedback would be appreciated CONTROLS = Arrow keys to move […]

  • Primero JogoUm jogo aleatorio para você jogar pois é o primero que eu fiz . anda para direita e esquerda , além de você poder pular també

  • admin wrote a new post, DEJIM 3 days, 13 hours ago

    DEJIMIntenta aprobar las asignaturas para no llorar. Arrow keys to move.Mouse to aim and shootmobile

  • EmojiDestoyerA personalized fruit Ninja in the form of Emojis Mouse to PlayI have to write moreIts a gamemobile

  • admin wrote a new post, CrabGrab 3 days, 13 hours ago

    CrabGrabYou're about to take the journey of a lifetime into the life of a crab! Scurry up and down the beach snatching vittles as they wash ashore, all the while being ever vigilant to dodge the unforgiving […]

  • Water Balloon FightAn example of a top-down shooter from the JGC LevelUP team. WASD to moveArrow Keys to throw water balloonsDestroy all the spawners to move on to the next levelmobile

  • As Aventuras do Super Careca……………………………………………………………………………………. […]

  • ClairsentienceA Platformer shooter where you control a boy named Ty and his ghost friend named Lee, Together they go on a adventure to figure out why Ty was created.This short but difficult game was created in a […]

  • Starfish CollectorMove the turtle around and get the starfish. Try not to run into the rocks. There is a way to get all of the starfish. Use the arrows to move the

  • Robot Battles: Dark TownDefeat all 5 bosses, I was meant o upload this a long time ago but then I forgot 😐 Up, Down, Left and Right Arrow KeysOther instructions in-gamemobile

  • Derpy AdventuesYou are a derp trying to get out of the non derp land. Three levels, max diffuculty. ENJOY! 😀 Arrow keys to move.Left one goes left.Right one goes rightUp one jumpsDown one does

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