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  • Guardianes de la GalaxiaEres Peter Quill. Ronan se ha hecho con la gema del poder, se dirige a Xandar para destruir el planeta y los guardianes se han perdido.Recógelos a todos en el tiempo exigido para derrotar […]

  • Boxy And PlankyThe name of the game is to make you mad and trust me it does a good job of that.Your goal is to kill the boss at the end. if youd like to know more about the universe this game takes place in im […]

  • PARKOUR AND SHOOTING v1.8Игра про паркур и уклонение от врагов и пушек. Управление на стрелочки, кнопка пробел стрелять.mobile

  • The Interactive Edge: Agency + Narrative in Video GamesThis is an interactive piece that mimics an 8-bit adventure-style video game, complete with conversation choices and interaction with characters and objects. […]

  • admin wrote a new post, Wiz Waz 1 week, 3 days ago

    Wiz WazWiz WazGo get your Frappe! RPG GameCreated by Elijah, Riley and Dom Made at FCI A platform game about wizards doing wizard things. You will figure it

  • Let”s Go Neko!Simple platformer game for a game design class. Make it to the end of the level to unlock the next! Left and Right arrow keys to move left and rightUp arrow or Space bar to jumpDied? Pres Esc to go […]

  • Smash MonstersThis is a game where the goal is to just crush the monsters that are going through it, but be careful not to kill your allies as they can bring benefits. left arrow = move to left right arrow = move […]

  • Trivia USGOVEs un juego de Trivia que pone a prueba el conocimeiento de los alumnos de 10mo sobre los diferentes trabajos del presidente de los Estados Unidos. oprime la opcion que sea correctamobile

  • Blocken Runick v1.5Игра похожая на мою прошлую игру Block Run, но делал я её без поддержки компании PasAshGame. Управление на стрелочки, так же есть двойной прыжок на двойной клик на стрелку вверхmobile

  • admin wrote a new post, Cube Mania 1 week, 5 days ago

    Cube ManiaCube Mania é um jogo que você é um cubo, que pula sobre cubos, e matando cubos e chefes… Você também irá coletar chaves em algumas fases…O jogo tem 5 mundos com 3 fases e 1 chefe em cada mundo […]

  • Juego EthicsThere is a question about ethics class, there is only one correct answer. The ship needs to kill the correct alien that is identified by color. Try to win or repeat the game Arrows are used to move and […]

  • BlockRun v0.5Простенькая моя первая игрушка. Управление на стремпочки и на что то там, просто надо побольше символов, поймите!mobile

  • Boston Massacre USH GameEliminate British soldiers before more patriots are injured. Down Arrow CrouchUp Arrow Stand UpSpace Shootmobile

  • Hardl i n eA testing room designed for randomized obstacles and reaction-based gameplay. Oh dear! Contrary to my own self-made repeated requests to actually publish this!Lets see what's on today's menu.. […]

  • Juego de pachecoEste es un juego creado para la clase de computation para el IB program, esta hecho en construct 3 y use varias imagenes diseñadas por mi gracias por el apoyo. Hecho por Juan Pablo Herandez […]

  • PROYECTO FINAL PLATAFORMASSe trata de un juego de plataformas de dos niveles, si el jugador elige la plataforma con la respuesta correcta, pasará al nivel dos, pero si cae al pasto o elige la respuesta […]

  • GameDesign QuestMake your way through the levels in this platformer, Look out for the trucks and don't fall into the lava. A & D to go left and rightW or Spacebar to

  • Chemistry ProjectoA game on atoms and the historry that it had throughout the years Up arrow(Jump)Left arrow (go left)Right arrow (go right)Just use the arrow keysmobile

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    Facto RunPrueba tu conocimiento matematico en este juego, para vencer monstruos y llegar a la sabiduria. -las flechas de tu teclado mueven al personaje principal-para matar a un monstruo, tu personaje debe tocar […]

  • admin wrote a new post, Spirits 2 weeks ago

    SpiritsMake it through a surreal underworld and figure out how you died. Bring life to the underworld Mouse – Control where you move Mouse Click – Speed upMouse wheel – Zoom in and outE & R – EmoteShift – […]

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