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  • Adding Puzzlethe first puzzle of the game.the difficulty level is easy. use the arrow keys to move the block.hit the blocks to increase your score.reach the required score to

  • Timed PuzzleYou have a minute to clear the puzzle. Use the arrow keys to move and jump.Avoid the yellow obstacles.Clear the level before the timer reaches

  • admin wrote a new post, broker 1 week, 2 days ago

    brokerthis is a game whereby you run thourhg the boxes right arrow – move forwardleft arrow – move backwardsdown arrow – run downwardsup arrow – move upwardsmobile

  • Tank ControlsHave you tried to create realistic and at the same time casual tank movements?If so, I bet, you have faced the problems with its rotation. Just using “8 Direction” behavior will cause unrealistic […]

  • Goblin DefenseA Challenge Game That I Made, Everything Without Money Saves. Just Move And Shoot and Buy

  • UNDERTALE: Complete fight against FroggitThis is the complete reproduction of the fight against Froggit in Undertale. All buttons work but some details are different from the original game because I have not […]

  • Man vs AsteroidThe challenge here is to not get hit by the Asteroid mid-air… [Space] Shoot[ARROW KEYS] Move/Jumpmobile

  • Simply ShootGet your high score on the leaderboard W,A,S,D to movemove cursor to turnclick to shootmobile

  • It”s Impossible, Escape CandylandCollect the cherries, jump on all the angry faced foods and vegetables.Walk on the Chocolate and Vanilla Cake to get around. Use the Arrows to move around,Avoid all angry faced […]

  • An Simple Aircraft Game (By Sonichero14708)Hmm…I Know How To Make An Aircraft Game, But. Its Kinda Fun To Make It…Anyways!I Make Myself Some Music! With Mixcraft And FL Studio 20.[Here's The Music I […]

  • shooter gameGet your high score on the leaderboard (in game leader-board is ineffective) W,A,S,D to movemove cursor to turnclick to shootmobile

  • Mission: Collect Coin”s and fight Evil LadybirdsCollect the coins by passing through them. Kill the Ladybirds by jumping on them. Get as many points as possible and try to find the coin Pyramid. To go left […]

  • Tappy planeTap to fly, don't fall of the screen, dodge the pipes and collect diamonds. press the left click on the mouse to fly doge the pipes and collect the

  • admin wrote a new post, Dragon Fly 2 weeks, 1 day ago

    Dragon FlyÉ um jogo onde vc precisa…Ah foda-se ,é flappy bird porra ClicaClicaClica mais um pouco Clica mais Eu já disse que é pra clicar?mobile

  • flap foreverflap your wings is a game of flappy bird gust that you have a plane. I made sure that the plane explodes when your crash try to beat the score of 159.if you are not sure with the normal version there […]

  • Cosmic GravityChallenge yourself and friends to survive against indifferent forces and looming disaster. Take the helm of a stranded ship in the depths of uncharted space. As captain it’ll be your duty to p […]

  • Jogo Ruim E curtoE um Jogo Ruim e Tem Menos De 5 Minutos De DuraçãoSeu Objetivo e Sair Da Caverna e Achar Sua Família. O jogo Tem Tutorial. VÊ ELE só isso

  • Fruit FallerAs frutas caem ,e você precisa atirar nelas ,quando vc chegar em 600 pontos ,irá para a terra de créditos [Left Buttom]-Shootor[Left Buttom]-Chosemobile

  • admin wrote a new post, Racemania 2 weeks, 3 days ago

    RacemaniaHere at Racemania you can race against your friends and prove you are the champ! Race 3 laps and become the best racer ever! May the fastest racer win and good luck! Player 1 instructions:W= go […]

  • alien warsfly around in your spaceship exploding ufos with your shotgun and ufo enjoy:] w shoot lazere shoot shotgunup arrow key updown arrow key downleft arrow key left right arrow kery rightmobile

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