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  • Lol Surprise GameCollect 11 Diamonds and reach the end for a surprise! Arrows to moveSpace to JumpReach the final destinationmobile

  • admin wrote a new post, # 1 GUY 1 week, 1 day ago

    # 1 GUYYou have to get to linkmoon. ug7igtyvgviygvuouoiyuyguy yuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyu. iycvubuhufdbigsrtfhreafueytgfiuervuit4smobile

  • admin wrote a new post, KOMBAT 1 week, 3 days ago

    KOMBATThe Ultimate Challenge! Get a buddy and fight to the death with gory X-Rays and Disturbing fatalities. The Instructions are included in-game, don't be that one idiotmobile

  • Super ShooterDefend yourself against the evil teacher's homework so you can enjoy your summer. Dodge and destroy the homework with due dates that pop up everywhere…. Are you up to the challenge? Use the […]

  • Gender StereotypesAssign the people to their jobs, but not all of them will want the job you pick for them! Left Arrow Move LeftRight Arrow Move RightUp Arrow Jump/Double JumpDown Arrow Fall through platformmobile

  • Dot Puzzle!A simple puzzle game that tests your ability to make certain dots light up depending on your mouse's position. Once you finish the pre-made, simple puzzles, make your own, experiment, or jam out to […]

  • Monster Chaseas soon as this game starts, (strategy) go top left. you have to get a key at the bottom left corner and then go to the top without dying to win! arrows = movingGET OUT WHILE Y OU STILL CAN!!!mobile

  • admin wrote a new post, Dymcat 1 week, 5 days ago

    DymcatDymcat is an intrepid police rocket that is behind the “Air Pirates” that have caused damage to the town of Diamond Ville and took away all their treasures. Your mission is to recover everything stolen and […]

  • Super Asteroid PilotAs pilot Erin Starr you have to make your way to the I.P.S.S to collect your bounty after capturing the criminal Rün Almntie. Right before you get your sweet reward you come across a huge […]

  • The CavernsMine and explore your way through mysterious environments in order to destroy a malicious meteor.This game won 3rd Place in the Spring 2018 STEMFuse GOT GAME? competition. W A D: MoveE: Open Crafting […]

  • Dave”s Challenge”I hope you're excited for my challenge!” -Dave W JumpA D MoveLeft Mouse/Space: Advance textmobile

  • Bates ManorHaven Bates has recently inherited Bates Manor from their distant great Grandfather. Excited to visit, they end up trapped within the locked rooms and halls and it is up to the player to navigate them […]

  • Snake-The AdventureKinda like snake, but adventure mode. Local save and HighScore wasd or arrows or touchscreen. Collect keys, to get through the doors. But don't hit the walls or your

  • admin wrote a new post, SpaceWar 2 weeks, 4 days ago

    SpaceWarIn the distant cosmos the war of the races began. Martians vs. Jupiter. And now you have to choose whom you are for. for Mars or Jupiter. and destroy enemies . the game is done on 2 Player 1Move: W/A/S/D, […]

  • FizzBuzz, the Interview QuestionThis is a program that runs the classic game FizzBuzz, and I was inspired to do this by Tom Scott, after I watched one of his videos, “FizzBuzz: One Simple Interview Question.” I […]

  • Galaxy DestroyerEste é um jogo não oficial que refizemos. Nele você deve destruir os obstáculos e visitar o máximo de planetas possíveis. [touch] Go Nave[Mouse] Go Nave[Stop 3 seconds] Rocketmobile

  • admin wrote a new post, Juego 2 weeks, 5 days ago

    JuegoEs un juego para eliminar mounstruos Gira avanzadispara da vuelta elimina gira ala derechamobile

  • my super awesome gameDon't kill humans only zombies. Kill all the zombies you see.Try and not kill any humans, it will lower your

  • admin wrote a new post, Mario 2 2 weeks, 6 days ago

    Mario 2on the construct 2 arcade Mario is my first game and this is another one i made using construct 2 wasd or arrow kea's to move have fun being mariomobile

  • Jurassic EvolutionA fast paced dinosaur fighting game! Each kill you get, you level up! Reach the highest level to win! All the controls are in game under the controls menu and are simple and easy to learn!mobile

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